On November 10th, 2020 my brother and I set out out to leave our mark on the world with this project. Our goal was to create educated artwork that left room for interpretation so that everyone can develop their own perception of the pieces. Ultimately, we are individuals that wish to inspire a world with more individualism.

Where most brands try to avoid inconsistencies in their prints, we embrace them. We see them as differentiating details to one of a kind pieces rather than mistakes. Our brand is unique, the people that rock our brand are unique and so the garments should all be unique as well. While other people may have ordered the same piece as yours, no one will ever own one identical to yours.

Experimentations is the core principle of our project. We are constantly looking to push boundaries with the recourses available to us in the pursuit of introducing new ideas and creating pieces that truly stand out. With this, we hope to inspire others to work with what they have to create and leave their mark on the world.